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R& D process

     Design and Process Control is the Crucial Stage to Achieve Quality Tool ,Conceptech Moulding Organized a Experienced Team with at least 10 Years In terms of Working and Communication to Handle Each Stage In order to Surpass Customer Anticipantion . 
     Design team Included 2D,3D ,mould flow and Simulation of Mechanism, utilized Newest software to create the mould design .
     All the design Must need at least 3 Validation:
     First Validation:Pre study Review ,Included 3D Part Checking according with Checking list .
     Second Validation:Preliminary Design and general layout validation .
     Three Validation:Design and Process Validation 
to ensure Tool quality and Index target for Injection :PPM, QRQC,Cycle time ,Optimization of Injection parameter ,Productitive Calculation .
    Process team Included Programming ,Tool Maker and Team leader, Make Process Control Sheet for Each Manufacture Stage and Each Components .Process Team must define and Fix detail process and Parameter in order to comply the Requirement of Part .